Details of my publications, including peer-reviewed journals, conference papers, and abstracts, are listed on my Google Scholar and Research Gate

In review, 2022.

In review, 2022.

In review, 2022.

In JAMA Psychiatry, 2022.

In Medical Image Analysis, 2020.

In JAMA Neurology, 2018.


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🌊 I am happy to serve the OHBM community as Hybridization Chair, OSSIG (2023-2025)!

🌊 Our review paper Applications of Generative Adversarial Networks in Neuroimaging and Clinical Neuroscience is online now! Link

🌊 Our abstract Genetic correlates of four deep learning-derived MCI/AD imaging signatures in the general population has been selected as Merit Award Winner for OHBM 2022! Link

🌊 Our chapter Subtyping brain diseases from imaging data is now online - Preprint

🌊 Our paper Surreal-GAN:Semi-Supervised Representation Learning via GAN for uncovering heterogeneous disease-related imaging patterns has been accepted by ICLR 2022! - OpenReview