OK - I got stuck in Philly for another year, so I explored the East Coast a bit!

I started surfing in Bordeaux, France in 2016. I went on a surf summer trip with the university and can't stop loving this sport! After that, I traveled to several destinations to surf, e.g., Lanzarote, Puerto Rico, Las Palmas, Hawaii, California, etc.


I was on a road trip in Hawaii in January 2022. Of course, surfing is the main reason why I chose to go there! I first went to the North shore to watch the professional rides these huge waves. I then went to the south side of the big island to try these gentle waves - I don't want to die in these huge waves -:) I drove back to the Airbnb near sunset and took this wonderful picture!


Whales and paddler in the same spot during a Hawaii road trip.

Feb-June, 2024 - settling down in LA.